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FiFix OTMr K

FiFix OTMr K (armor from galvanized steel wires)

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  • to build fiber-to-home broadband networks
  • Designed for laying in cable ducts, pipes, blocks, collectors, bridges and overpasses
  • directly in soils of all categories, including in areas with high corrosion aggressiveness and areas affected by rodents, except for soils that are subject to permafrost and other deformations.
  • High performance
  • Ease of cable installation

1 – single-mode optical fiber, loosely enclosed in a Central tube filled with thixotropic hydrophobic gel
2 – armor of steel wires
3 – fastening winding
4 – protective hose made of polyethylene

Number of OB, max. pcs. 1...24
Cable diameter, mm (7,2...9,5) +/- 0,5
Cable weight, kg / km 91…122
Maximum tensile force (short-term), kN 4...7
Minimum bending radius, mm20 x cable diameters
Permissible crushing force, no more, N / mm3 000
Range of working temperatures, ° C – 10°С - +60°С
Storage temperature range, ° C– 10°С - +60°С
Mounting temperature range, ° C0°С - +60°С
Construction length, km2, 00
Cable type Price, USD/km at the rate of the NBU
before 5 km 5 - 20 km 20 - 40 km

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