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FIXNET — is one of the Ukrainian industrial market leader of the fiber optic cables

for backbone, regional and subscriber networks. The company is the constant reliable supplier of the production both for domestic Ukrainian and international markets.

About the company

There are two main goals of our company. The first is a continuous quality improvement of the released production, and the second is a competent organization of uninterruptible deliveries of the fiber optic cables to partners.

Thanks to the high-technology production capacities we produce goods, that completely respond to the call of the times. We are not afraid of the fast-paced market demands and, owing to the flexible approach and embodied innovations, we instantly adapt to the actual game rules with releasing of new structures.

We are sure that the Ukrainian companies will be able to entirely spend their resources to create the high grade and trouble free data transfer networks only if they are confident in the future and in their supplier reliability.

Why FixNet


The quality of FIXNET products is marked by the international certificate
ISO 9001: all cable ТМ FiFix of company FIXNET is issued according to the
international standards developed on the basis of typical requirements of
consumers to suppliers.
The ISO 9001:2008 management system guarantees an invariably high level
of product quality, organization of business tasks and production stability.
It covers both the stages directly related to the quality of products,
and all the essential processes of the enterprise, including environmental management,
labour safety and health protection. The presence of ISO 9001 management standards
at FIXNET company confirms the main priority – ensuring the quality of products at the level of world standards.

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