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FiFix OTDr D

FIFIX OTDr D (fiber-glass reinforced plastic rod sheath)

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  • For broadband access networks construction
  • Intended for laying in the cable sewerage, pipes, blocks, collectors, on bridges in case of danger of damage by rodents.
  • Intended for direct burial in soils of all the categories, including in areas with high corrosion aggressiveness and the territories infected with rodents, except the soils exposed to frost and other deformations.
  • Designed for suspension and operation on overhead communication lines, urban electric vehicles, overhead power lines and railway catenary under conditions of exposure to wind loads, ice or combinations thereof
  • High performance specifications
  • Easy cable installation

1. optical fiber, freely laid in optical module, filled with thixotropic hydrophobic gel
2. centrally located tube
3. binding lapping
4. peripheral power element made of fiber-glass reinforced plastic rods
5. polyethylene sheath
6. cutting cord (on request)

MU number, max. pcs.1...24
Cable diameter, mm(7,5...11,5) ± 0,5
Cable weight, kg/km45...85
Maximum tensile force (short-term), kN3,5...7,0
Minimum bending radius, mm20 x cable diameters
Allowable crushing strength, not more than, N/mm3 000
Operation temperature range, ° С– 40°С - +60°С
Storage temperature range, ° C– 20°С - +60°С
Installation temperature range, ° С– 10°С - +60°С
Construction length, km2, 00
Cable type Price, USD/km at the rate of the NBU
before 5 km 5 - 20 km 20 - 40 km

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