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FiFix OTr

Self-supporting Cables, round shape, ADSS

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  • to build broadband networks
  • for outer gasket
  • designed for suspension and operation on the supports of overhead communication lines, urban electric transport, overhead power lines and railway catenary
  • under conditions of wind, ice or combinations thereof
  • thin and light
  • flexible, with a small bending radius
  • High performance cable, easy to install

1. single-mode optical fibers, free and located in the Central tube filled with thixotropic gel
2. the central tube
3. power element – slopes / aramid threads
4. polyethylene shell

Number of OB, max. pcs. 1...48
Cable diameter, mm (5,0...12, 0) ± 0,3
Cable weight, kg / km 30...65
Maximum tensile force (short-term), kN1,0...6,0
Minimum bending radius, mm 20 x cable diameters
Permissible crushing force, no more, N / mm 500
Operating temperature range, ° С-10°С - +60°С
Storage temperature range, ° С-10°С - +60°С
Installation temperature range, ° С0°С - +60°С
Construction length, km 1,00

FiFix OTr G 2F G 652D PE 0000

Cable type Price, USD/km at the rate of the NBU
before 5 km 5 - 20 km 20 - 40 km

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