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Suspension Drop Cables, remote and peripheral load-bearing elements – dielectric

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  •  for last-one-mile in the FTTx network,
  • enhancing the accessibility to the fiber and maximizes the installation workability
  • 2 parallel peripheral strength members protecting the fibers ensure good perfor-mance of crush resistance
  • Simple structure,small weight and high practicability
  • Easy jacket removal without special tools
  • Easily splice, simplify the installation and maintenance
  • Environmental protection – Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.
  • Self-support structure

1 – Suspension member – Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
2 – Strength member – two FRP
3 – Singlemode optic fibers meet
4 – Outer sheath – LSZH

Quantity of optical fibres, pcs.1; 2/4/8; 12
Cable diameter, mm5,3 x 2,0/5,8 x 2,1/6,1 x 2,1
Cable weight, kg/km20/25/28
Maximum allowed tensile force (short-term load), N0,7
Minimum bending radius, mm20 х cable diameter
Maximum allowed crushing force, N/mm500
Operation temperature range, °С-40°С - +60°С
Storage temperature range, °С-20°С - +60°С
Installation temperature range, °С- 10°С - +60°С
Factory length, km1,5

FiFix FTTH UDD 2F G 652 D LSZH 0000 

Cable type Price, USD/km at the rate of the NBU
before 5 km 5 - 20 km 20 - 40 km
Fifix FTTH UDD 1F 87 83
Fifix FTTH UDD 2F 99 94,5
Fifix FTTH UDD 4F 123 118
Fifix FTTH UDD 8F 183 175
Fifix FTTH UDD 12F 233 220

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